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The dynamic hospitality industry provides a vital foundation for local economies and communities in many Australian cities including Melbourne and Geelong. The industry however, deals with one of the biggest challenges – delivering exceptional experiences to customers while controlling costs and maintaining food quality. At Express Commercial Kitchens, our design team will prepare an efficient well planned kitchen that is effective and efficient, whilst pairing the right commercial kitchen equipment for your needs. Our team of technicians will then fitout your hospitality establishment where ever required in Melbourne or Geelong.

Our top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment is designed to provide dedicated and dependable support for all types of restaurants and hospitality establishments. We have a growing list of customers that span various hospitality industries, who rely on us to equip their commercial kitchens in Melbourne and Geelong. Our expertise in understanding the needs of each individual kitchen setup makes us well-suited to offer quality commercial supplies from an unbiased perspective to match the demands of any client we work with.

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Our Services

Commercial Kitchen Design & Planning

At Express Commercial Kitchens, our design team will work with you to plan a functional, professional and efficient kitchen tailored to your requirements, while also conforming to government regulations


Commercial Kitchen Fitout & Equipment

From the initial blueprint to manufacturing and installing, We can assist you every step of the way and aid you with your kitchen’s commercial equipment requirements.


Exhaust Canopies

With an industry leading product, we are well-reputed and innovative and provide excellence in commercial exhaust canopies & kitchen range hoods. We also provide engineering and documentation as required.


Consultation and Training

We provide expert services that will provide advice & guidance in setting up your business properly from the start & will assist with solutions for any challenges you may encounter along the way. We assist with strategic planning, process improvement, change management amongst many other services we offer. We also provide training across any sector in the hospitality industry


Council Approvals and Paperwork

We guide you through all the necessary paperwork and permits that are needed to have your kitchen, restaurant or café approved. Our specialist consultants will provide and handle all the documentation that is necessary.



Whether you are a new or existing business, we have the solutions and the options to allow your business to obtain the catering and hospitality equipment you need now. With our in-house finance facilities and those of other finances, we can help find the most suitable solution to meet your situation.


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Top Range Hospitality Equipment Supplies Melbourne and Geelong

Express Commercial Kitchens is your one stop shop for all your hospitality fitout needs in Geelong and Melbourne. From the design stage including all architectural planning, engineering to your full general construction requirements. Being part of the Exxcomm group we can assist in building your dream venue and have experience across all hospitality sectors. We do it all, whether it’s a cafe set up to a kitchen in Aged Care or hotels. Corporately we offer training and consulting services.

Speak with our professionals regarding any advice on commercial kitchen equipment. Our team is experienced in helping with restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne and Geelong, we will provide the right restaurant equipment your establishment needs, not what the supplier wants us to provide. As specialists in this field, we understand your specific needs, allowing us to offer only the best products for each situation, no matter where you’re located. We are happy to consult with customers to ensure we meet their kitchen-related requirements for cafe decor or catering businesses. Furthermore, our fantastic extensive range of commercial kitchen equipment makes us an ideal choice for any restaurant build in Melbourne and Geelong.


Beyond Equipment, We Craft Experiences

We go beyond just providing commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne as suppliers. At our company, we build exclusive culinary spaces that connect with your vision. Our skilled technicians wield their tools and make your kitchen as you forsee it, in the heart of Melbourne or the soul of Geelong. Your dream, our passion for creation—together, we’ll create masterpieces.

Kitchens That Make a Difference

Our top-tier commercial kitchen equipment Geelong is your ticket to a premium culinary experience. With reliability that no one else in the industry guarantees, our work becomes an extension of your ideas. From beautiful equipment design layouts to durable + delicate creations, We elevate your spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

We are Your Partners in Success

When you choose us, you don’t just get a company with commercial kitchen design Melbourne; you get a partner in elevating your space! We’re happily invested in making your kitchen and restaurant a success & committed to turning your aspirations into a possible reality. As you get our premium commercial kitchen design Geelong, you also get the best-in-class service + equipment suppliers.

Precision in Every Detail, Illuminating Possibilities

We are experienced craftsmen in precision. From the placement of stoves to the arrangement of countertops with awesome, modern interiors, our accurate attention to detail guarantees that every parameter of your commercial kitchen equipment Melbourne & Geelong is built with utter perfection. In addition, our solutions not only enhance aesthetics but also elevate the mood & efficiency of your commercial kitchen design Melbourne & Geelong.

Industry We Serve

Cafe & Restaurant Fitout melbourne

Cafes & Restaurants

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Aged Care & Hospitals

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Production Kitchens

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School Canteens

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Staff Cafeterias

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Commercial Cooking College

Our Comprehensive Kitchen Designs & More

Commercial Kitchen Design

Crafting Efficiency and Elegance Our expertise in commercial designs ensure your space is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. We understand that every kitchen is unique, and our ability to create custom, made-to-order cooking equipment solutions ensures a perfect fit for your requirements.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Transforming Visions into Reality We specialise in transforming spaces into culinary sanctuaries. From cosy cafes to bustling restaurants, our fit-outs go beyond aesthetics; they encapsulate your brand’s essence. Meticulous planning and execution result in spaces that resonate with your vision.

Craftsmanship & Customisation

Tailored Solutions for Every Kitchen We understand that every kitchen is unique, and our ability to manufacture custom, made-to-order cooking equipment products is one of our strengths. Our commitment to excellence ensures there’s no kitchen challenge we can’t conquer.

Performance-Driven Technology

Innovative Solutions That Endure Our experience and dedication have driven us to develop performance-driven kitchen technology that’s both durable and reliable. We’ve earned our reputation as leaders in the market through foresight and determination.

Your Professional Commercial Kitchen Specialist in Melbourne and Geelong

We understand that no two businesses are quite alike, especially when it comes to how they run their kitchens. Whether you need a dependable bulk supply of kitchen equipment or specialist kitchen appliances, check with our team today to see how we can help. Our speciality lies in restaurant and cafe decor, and we aim to help your business impress its customers with every creation that comes as a result of a dependable and functional commercial kitchen. Call us on 0420 208 440 to know more.