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Commercial Kitchen Fitouts in Melbourne and Geelong

It is said that good food is like a glue to the world, that brings family and friends together harmoniously. With a statement like that, it is no surprise how many businesses succeed in the food and beverage industry. Whether you are inspired to share your culinary expertise by creating a dedicated restaurant or operating a takeaway only kitchen to serve countless hungry customers in your town, functional commercial kitchen design is what you will need.

At Express Commercial Kitchens, our team prides itself on being able to create the most durable commercial kitchen designs. Whether you need a kitchen display design for upcoming developments or a restaurant kitchen design, we can help. We specialise in providing:

commercial kitchen fitouts

We pride ourselves in helping to create kitchen layouts that catch the eye and work beautifully well. Our team has helped countless clients in both Melbourne and Geelong to find the best commercial kitchen layouts and builds that suit a variety of specific needs. We also specialise in creating kitchen display designs and can help if a commercial kitchen design space is what you need for your next project.

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Our Essential Fitout Process


An important aspect of a new commercial kitchen is the extraction of air over the cooking appliances and in some particular dishwashers. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, the first is the ceiling height low ceilings can cause problems in designing the canopy over cooking equipment and usually increases costs. Ducting is another consideration, in a single-story building this will be relatively simple, however, multi-level buildings can create issues with ducting. Any utilised space on floors above the hood mean the duct will need to be directed away to an area where it can be extracted.
This may include UV systems, electronic precipitators and fire rating ductwork through the levels above. The final consideration is make up air, there are a number of ways to manage this, depending on budget, site and requirement.


Commercial kitchens must have an efficient power source in order to run appliances and sufficient power to run all the required equipment. Careful planning must be done to ensure there is sufficient power to run the kitchen dependant on equipment. 3 phase power is a source that allows for more power to be supplied to the appliance, as the source consistent of 240 volts for 3 wires and 1 neutral wire. Reviewing the size and required amount of appliances the kitchen has will then determine and influence which wires, switchboards, circuit breakers and phases to select.


All commercial kitchens require various draining and venting systems, grease traps, hot and cold water systems etc; to meet with health and safety regulations. Gas appliances will also require plumbing and lines to be run and will need applications submitted and signed off by ESV. Combustible walls that are fire rated need to be approved and also signed off on in the cooking area amongst other regulations that need to be adhered to.