Tips to Maintain & Extend the Lifespan of Your Kitchen Equipment!

Welcome, kitchen people & hotel owners! Today, we will walk our way through how to do everything related to commercial kitchen equipment maintenance. Your kitchen is a well-loved, cosy living room, if thought. Even big industrial kitchens should be maintained with care. You wouldn’t let a sofa turn into a mess or a carpet become a stain junction, would you? Well, your kitchen deserves the same maintenance and care to keep your appliances performing at their best. And we are here to give you advice on the same. So, let’s get started.

Appliance Care

Let’s kick things off with the basics. Caring for your commercial kitchen equipment is like taking the first step. Which is regular cleaning! That’s right, you wouldn’t let dust settle on your favourite bookshelves, exactly like that, you shouldn’t let grime or dirt accumulate on your kitchen equipment, commercial exhaust canopy, cafe fitout, or restaurant fitout.

Stainless steel appliances are ‌the top choice for your commercial kitchen design. Keep them clean, and use a mix of warm water and detergent to shine them up regularly. Also, use microfiber cloths, as they won’t scratch that gorgeous finish.

Fridge and Oven Maintenance

Your fridge, the one-stop-place for ingredients, should be well organised—like your bookshelves—by placing items according to their needs. Fruits and veggies in one drawer, condiments on the door shelves—you get the idea. Basically, keeping things nicely segmented is always preferable rather than an untidy fridge.

Now, let’s talk about ovens. They’re like the fireplace, and to keep it fulfilled with wood, regular maintenance is a must! Invest in an oven thermometer to make sure your temperature settings are accurate. Clean the oven’s interior with a mixture of baking soda and water, and don’t forget to remove the oven racks and clean them too. Scrub them down like you’re giving your fireplace tools a good ol’ polishing.

Washing the Dishwasher

The dishwasher efficiently manages the task of cleaning up after a meal. In order to properly care for this super cool appliance, it is very necessary for its thorough cleansing too. Perform a wash cycle without any dishes using a dishwasher cleaner to guarantee that its cleanliness matches that of a valuable crystal chandelier. It is very important to eliminate any residual food particles from the filter, similar to the act of removing obstructive leaves from a jammed drain within one’s living space.

Additionally, regularly inspect and clean the spray arms to ensure optimal water flow and prevent clogs. By taking these simple maintenance steps, you can prolong the lifespan of your dishwasher and enjoy its efficient cleaning power for years to come. Our commercial kitchen equipment Melbourne services take care of all your industrial cleaning needs at Express Commercial Kitchens.

The Ventilation Check-up

Ventilation is like the secret air freshener! It’s crucial to ensure the air in your kitchen stays fresh and free from grease and odours. The exhaust hood should also be cleaned. To maintain its tidiness, clean the filters regularly. Soak them in warm, soapy water and let them dry in the sun. But don’t forget to replace or thoroughly clean the range hood’s vent filters.

Regularly cleaning and replacing the vent filters in your range hood will not only keep the air in your kitchen fresh, but it will also prevent grease buildup and potential fire hazards. This simple maintenance task ensures that your kitchen remains a welcoming and odour-free space. So, don’t overlook the importance of caring for your commercial kitchen design in Melbourne or range hood and its filters to maintain a dope environment for cooking & dining.

The Ventilation Check-up

Your mixers and blenders are like the rock stars of your kitchen. Ensure their proper maintenance by cleaning them thoroughly. Remember to disconnect them before cleaning, and avoid submerging the motor in water. Wash the parts by hand and treat them with a soothing touch. They’ll make your smoothies and mix your dough with ease after this. Your mixers and blenders will continue to perform at their BEST after this!

After cleaning, make sure to dry all the parts thoroughly to prevent any moisture damage. Give them a gentle wipe-down with a soft cloth to keep them looking shiny and new. This process will make sure that your restaurant fitout or cafe fitout will work with extreme ease. So, by showing your mixers and blenders some love, they’ll reward you with delicious eats.

The Issue With the Coffeemakers

Treat your coffeemaker like a newborn baby, clean it regularly with a mixture of water and vinegar. And don’t forget to wash the pot and filter basket, just as you would your favourite teacups. Regular cleaning and maintenance is important to guarantee that your coffeemaker continues to function optimally.

Neglecting its cleaning needs can result in a build-up of mineral deposits and mould, which can affect the taste and quality of your coffee. By treating your coffeemaker with the same care and attention as you would a baby, you can ensure that every cup of coffee you brew is as delicious as possible! It’s exactly as important as cleaning your commercial exhaust canopy Melbourne.

Deep Cleaning & More

Think of deep cleaning as your kitchen’s spring makeover. Just like you’d reorganise your living room, take some time to move appliances and clean beneath them. It’s like moving the furniture and vacuuming underneath. Check for loose wires or damaged cords and replace them promptly. By deep cleaning your kitchen, you can ensure a healthier and safer environment for cooking.

Scrubbing away stubborn grease and grime will eliminate any potential food contamination. Additionally, inspecting and cleaning your appliances regularly can prolong their lifespan and prevent any unexpected malfunctions. So, embrace the opportunity to give your kitchen a fresh start and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a sparkling and well-maintained space. Let your commercial kitchen equipment Geelong & Melbourne shine with deep cleaning.

In Conclusion

Caring for your appliances is like tending to the delicate decor and furniture that make your living space so inviting. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your kitchen equipment remains in peak condition, allowing you to whip up culinary masterpieces with ease. So, don your apron, grab your cleaning supplies, and treat your kitchen equipment like the royalty it is—it’ll reward you with years of delicious magic.

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